The Sutton World and The Sutton Way: How to Expand

The family grows. We see it and we feel it. More come, and all stay. The family grows. We must all feel it.



“Breed, Grow, Conquer.’

Front row. Rest all simply called: Rule. 

So the family grows. So many great dreams we’ve had over the past years, dreaming and hoping that we can spread the truth and spread the love. Well, it’s happening! First Sutton, then the world!


mmmmmmmmm, tasty! 

So, the question we have to face is: how? How do we branch out and develop, how do we bring the sutton approach to, erm, ‘fitness’ to all those who so desperately need us, people who may not even know that they need us. People who may even think and say that they do not need us, that they do not want us, that they in fact want us to go away immediately. Well, if theres anything that we can learn from politics, it is that the key is presence: presence, presence, presence!


“Let them see nothing but your face, and they might just miss your soul.”

Billiam Burnaise, 1976.

If we want branches of the Sutton Active ‘Gym’ in every city and town in the world, how do we go about achieving that? We are considering establishing ourselves as a franchise, and we’ve been in contact with a franchise consultants in the UK who seem not to have direct contact with the great structure (though if anyone knows any different please check them out and let us know). This would allow our friends who are alone in a wasteland without spirit and soul to establish their own ‘gym’ and start ‘training’ people to get them ‘fit’ for purpose. The only purpose. The final purpose.



It can, and will, be ours.

So if you are part of our extended family and think you could run a franchises on behalf of the Sutton Active movement. Please get in touch.

It is coming. It is us.

Sutton Active.



Fitness Boot Camps

“The Drill Instructor was on par with God. None dare address this Supreme Being without the bellowed “SIR!” as the first word to be uttered. God help those who mumbled.”

‘Jack’  U.S Marine


“Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy f****** walrus-looking piece of s***! Get the f*** off of my obstacle! Get the f*** down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT! Or I’m going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, Private Pyle!”

Gny. Sgt. Hartman in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.


Boot camp. Boot camp is a mythical place, a place of suffering and pain and transformation. A baptism of fire. You go in as maggots, you leave as…. well, what do you leave as? Men and Women? Soldiers? Athletes? A better person? A stronger person? A more obedient person? Less of a person? Less of you or more of you? Its a strange place, which is traditionally as much about physical and personal development and training as it is about the breaking down and perhaps even destruction of personal identity.


From the shaving of the hair to the life of talking only in unison with others, only in chant, only as a whole, never as one. ‘One for all and all for one” is the call, but it is “all as one and one as all” that is perhaps a better wording, the one, the individual, ends as the collective begins. This collective is created through aggression, the recruit learns that they never win a fight alone, when they are singled out as an individual they are singled out by the drill instructor, and the drill instructor does not engage with you, the drill instructor does not relate to you, the drill instructor does not even fight with you. The drill instructor destroys you. The drill instructor is an unstoppable force, they are your god, there is nothing higher than them, and nothing lower than you. The only power you can have lies with being part of the whole, part of the core, a servant and a cog, a soldier.




What also comes out of these places though, is phenomenally physically fit people. Those who walk into these places are given no choice, they are not asked to motivate themselves, they are told that if they do not do all the exercise they are told to do they will suffer, they will suffer physical, emotional, social and mental torture. They will be hurt. This happens to motivate people, and it is transpiring that for many, the lasting image they have from the idea of boot camp is not the emotional damage but the physical development.



So sad…. but LOOK at those forearms.


Personal trainers have long borrowed from the tactics of military drill instructors, though obviously to a much lesser degree of extremity. But now military style bootcamps are popping up, some of them borrow in structure but not in ethos (I’ve heard good things about more friendly organisations, like The Treatment Table, but there have been reports of slightly extreme techniques in other more fringe organisations). Some however do try to replicate the sense of obedience that is created in military boot camps.


The question we wonder is: with someone forcing you to keep going, are you developing as a person? Or are you just giving your body over to somebody else to sort out, putting your mind on the side and just excepting suffering. It probably depends on the dynamic of the relationship between trainer and trainee. What are your experiences? We’d love to hear from you.

What health and fitness means to us.

Here at Sutton Active we are obsessed with health.



You life is a gift from the universe. Most potential people don’t get to be people. Considering that we all could be creating people all the time but most of the time are not, everyday billions of potential people are not created. Considering that the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of sperm never meet an egg. Considering the fact that what ever age you are at, many people died before that age. Most ‘potential’ people, don’t get to be people. You only get one body and it is your absolute duty to love it.


If you don’t your spirit orb will leave to find another vessel.

If you are lucky to be alive, lucky enough to have a body, lucky enough to have your health and your fitness, you owe it to yourself, to those without such luck, and to the gods that gave you these things, to look after yourself. It is your duty. Feeling healthy and fit is a great feeling, it makes everything ok, it makes everything feel real supper awesome. It is all about health! So come on! Can I get an H? Can I get an E? Can I get an A? Can I get an H? Can I get an H? Can I get an H? Can I get a π? GIVE ME AN H…


I can’t hear you…

Sutton active is about giving our bodies the respect they deserve and the love the creator would want us to give them. That is the deal. I personally do 150 sit ups a day and run a quarter marathon every night if I can’t get to sleep because of the visions and all the screaming. I can vouch for the Sutton way: get healthy, stay healthy, return your body to the life giving spirit.


Jogging is fun!

We accept all here, all can come, all can become part of the Sutton family. So please come along! Bring friends! Bring your children! Come have fun! Bring your children! Enjoy the facilities! Bring your children! Meet new people! Bring your children! Only £4.99 a month! Bring your children! Bring your children!


The family must always be growing…

See you soon! We can’t wait! We won’t wait!